M2M Coaching

M2M Coaching

M2M Coaching consists of 3 levels of coaching: Foundation to Concentration to Momentum preparing you for Stabilization, then Mastery.
M2M Coaching Program

The M2M Coaching Program at Keller Williams Premier Realty offers a range of dynamic outcomes that can revolutionize your career. Take a look at these specific results that will help you thrive in a flexible and exciting professional environment.  If you are new to the industry or ready to take your real estate business to the next level, M2M coaching will fast track your success. 

Empowered confidence

Premier coaching will boost your confidence to new heights. Your coach will empower you to embrace your strengths, tackle self-doubt, and cultivate a resilient mindset. They’ll encourage you to take calculated risks, embrace growth opportunities, and step outside your comfort zone. With this newfound confidence, you’ll approach challenges with enthusiasm, adapt to changing market dynamics, and radiate a magnetic presence that attracts clients and opens doors to exciting opportunities.

Magnetizing lead generation

Your coach will help you discover innovative strategies to attract and engage potential clients. They’ll assist you in leveraging the power of digital marketing, harnessing social media platforms, and embracing creative content creation. With their guidance, you’ll cultivate a strong online presence that effortlessly draws in qualified leads, creating a pipeline that never runs dry.

Turbocharged business systems

Coaching will equip you with streamlined processes, creative problem-solving techniques, and agile decision-making abilities. With a focus on true CEO business ownership and profitability you’ll thrive in the real estate world.

Agile time management

Bid farewell to rigid schedules and embrace a more agile approach to time management. Your coach will help you explore techniques that suit your unique working style. Together, you’ll identify time-wasting activities, streamline workflows, and embrace flexible scheduling methods. By adopting a nimble and adaptable approach to time management, you’ll optimize your productivity and find a sustainable work-life balance that keeps you energized and fulfilled.

Embrace the flexibility and excitement that M2M Coaching at Keller Williams Premier brings to your real estate career. Through streamlined approaches and adaptable strategies, you’ll thrive in a dynamic industry that rewards innovation and agility. Get ready to unleash your potential, embrace change with confidence, and create a successful and fulfilling journey in real estate.

Meet the Coaches

Drawing from her own experiences of both setbacks and triumphs running a top producing team for the last 10 years, Christy has discovered her true calling in assisting agents in taking their businesses to the next level. She specializes in helping agents define their business plans, chart five-year visions, and develop systems and leverage to fuel business growth.

Her passion also lies in rekindling the spirits of producing agents who have encountered ceilings in their businesses, showing them the path to rediscover their passion for the industry and achieve new heights. Christy’s multifaceted expertise and dedication to helping others thrive in the real estate world make her a sought-after coach. Her guidance and insights empower professionals to realize their full potential, ultimately shaping a brighter future for themselves, clients and their families.

Key Skills
  • Business Foundation Building
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Organization Development

Jennifer is a graduate from The University of Houston with a degree in Business Management, minor in International Studies and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. Jennifer spent her entire career in Real Estate in many different types of housing arenas from apartment leasing/management to furnished short term housing. She started her career as a Realtor 5 years ago on a team which has allowed her to have a unique perspective on the different options of how to approach business.

Jennifer is a mother of 2 younger children, a wife, a business owner, a coach and a member of the Agent Leadership Council. Jennifer believes success in this business is figuring out how to make business fit into your life, versus the other way around. With focus on balance, mindset and consistency, success is sure to follow.

Key Skills
  • Lead Generation & Prospecting
  • Life Balance
  • Mindset
M2M Coach Amy Green Chapman
Jennifer Francois

(281) 638-4873

Amy Green started a career in real estate in 2016 and quickly realized that life moved faster than what she was comfortable with. Amy fully understands how important it is to have someone by your side to help navigate the seasons of life and business. Amy has a passion for working with agents that need encouragement to enter into the next phase of their lives professionally and personally.

She truly enjoys working with individuals who need to focus on systems and/or yearly planning, as well as, creating a voice to their value. Amy assists in putting a large focus on accountability and will work with agents to create lead generating opportunities within their own strengths and passions. She is excellent at helping agents work through their fears and self-limiting beliefs and blocks.

Key Skills
  • Mindset
  • Systems and Goals
  • Lead Generating

As an Accounting graduate from the University of Houston, Bob immediately immersed himself into the accounting industry. After 5 years of growth, learning, and meeting his amazing wife, Bob braved a new career in real estate. Now, after 30 plus years in the business, Bob is known for his longevity in the real estate industry and his perseverance to success. His KW journey started at Keller Williams West Houston, which has become Signature, and has spent the last 15+ years with Keller Williams Premier.

Bob has qualified for the Associate Leadership Council for the past 29 years and has served on the ALC for many of them. He has been a tremendous asset to the Finance and Wealth committees of Premier and his passion for coaching and training has led him to teach within multiple KW offices. Instructing specialized classes and participating in panels are some of his favorite activities, and he finds great joy in mentoring the agents within the market center.

Key Skills
  • Finances & Accounting
  • Expired Listings & Farming
  • Industry Knowledge
M2M Coach Amy Green Chapman
Guillermo Sahagun

(305) 542-9054

Guillermo is a dual licensee Real Estate Consultant in the states of Texas and Florida with a large network of agents and connections in the industry. Certified KW Market Center Instructor, Productivity Coach in Miami and Katy, National Leadership of Learning for KW Chispa, the Latino affinity group within KW Communities.

Guillermo’s main objective as your coach is to help you achieve your goals in Real Estate and build a successful business.

Key Skills
  • Bilingual in Spanish
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Lead Generation & Prospecting

Chris began his journey as a real estate investor, leveraging his keen eye for lucrative opportunities and strategic investments. Transitioning seamlessly from the active duty Army, Chris pursued his passion further by becoming licensed in real estate. His background instilled in him discipline, integrity, and a relentless work ethic, qualities that now define his approach to helping clients achieve their real estate goals with confidence and precision.

Key Skills
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Mindset
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